WIN Seeks Editorial Director

We’re looking for someone to be Editorial Director of the Weblogs, Inc. Network.

It’s a consulting style gig you get to work from anywhere, you get paid a flat-fee and you do the work on your schedule. That’s our model, we’re trying to build a company with people working from home (or wherever they like), when the like to work and how they like to work.

The model of commuting to an office every day for two hours, punching a clock and watching the clock is so disgusting to me now. I’ve found that most talented people out there prefer to work on their time schedule, pick up their kids from school, work late at night or by the pool with their laptop. Who am I to fight thatespecially considering that is my preference as well!

OK, back to the gig. I basically need a right-hand (wo)man to help me run Weblogs, Inc. on an editorial basis. So, like Xeni, Gordon and Rafat helped me build Silicon Alley Reporter, I need a Star. Someone who is motivated to create great things, doesn’t look at the clock and wants to kick ass every day. Really don’t have time for lame people these days I can’t be chasing people to do their jobs.

The goal of the job is to make Weblogs, Inc. kick ass: help me find great bloggers, train them and support them every day. Blog cool stuff when you see it, help me come up with ideas for new blogs, create logos for them, find great domain names for them and build them.

An average day might start look like this:

  1. Find a new blogger for the Google Weblog.

  2. Do a couple of posts on the Social Software weblog because our blogger is traveling that day.

  3. Turn off some comment spam on

  4. Hit the gym.

  5. Give the editors of a tip about a neat iPod hack for the Mini Cooper.

  6. Come up with an idea for a yoga blog, find a name for it, work with a designer to create a logo and then start the search for a blogger.

  7. Play some City of Heroes with the boss manwOOt! wOOt!

  8. Read through 200 samples sent in for our advertising industry blog and pick the five best ones.

  9. Take a dip in the pool and brainstorm on ideas for the next two dozen blogs.

  10. Obsess over all the tips coming into the network from our readers.

This is a work-from-anywhere position and it’s a consulting gig (i.e. 10-99). Perhaps some travel to come to cool events with me and blog (i.e. CES, Sundance, tech events).

You must grok blogging 1000%, kick ass and never say die to get this position. You have to be looking to build something and not be complainer about working at a startup company. If you’re looking for a cushy job and want to punch a clock please don’t waste my time and send your resume over to CNET.

You take this gig you’re gonna learn a lot, have a ton of responsibility, make a name for yourself, build a Rolodex and go off and start your own company in two or three years. You’re also going to work your ass off and create some of the most innovative shit on the Internet. That’s the deal.

Email me at jason <at> calacanis <dot> com and tell me why you’re the right person for the job, tell me about yourself, tell me about your failures, tell me about your successesheck tell me what you would do if you were running Weblogs, Inc. because we’re trying to figure this whole blog thing out ourselves and you’ll be having a direct impact on how we run the business!

Let’s rock and roll!

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