Mozilla/Firefox leader speaks at Web 2.0 conference

Brendan Eich (see bio below), who works on the Mozilla project, is speaking at Web2.0 conference ( right now. I’ll have an Mp3 file up in 15 minutes so reload this page if you like.

Brendan Eich Eich is responsible for architecture and the technical direction of Mozilla. He is charged with authorizing module owners, owning architectural issues of the source base and writing the “roadmap” that outlines the direction of the Mozilla project. Eich created JavaScript, did the work through Navigator 4.0, and helped carry it through international standardization. Before Netscape, he wrote operating system and network code for SGI; and at MicroUnity, wrote micro-kernel and DSP code, and did the first MIPS R4K port of gcc, the GNU C compiler.

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