Jot Spot Wiki kicks ass… (Live from Web 2.0 conference in San Fran)

Sean and I are reporting live from Web 2.0 in San Fran at

jot at web20

Following up on (“Jot Spot”) presentation that Sean just blogged here are some photos, notes and an MP3 of the presentation.

Jot is a web based serviced that calls itself an application Wiki.

Cool features:

WYSIWYG editor. (the presenter dissed to SocialText for no editor)
File Upload.
WORD document preview in HTML with document management.
You can CC: you wiki via email. Very cool.
You can add comments to a page.
There are page by page rights.
Jot let’s you setup forms in wiki pages.
Jot let’s you to pull in a google and yahoo searches into the wiki. Very slick.

Finally they showed a cool demo of integration in which every company in your account is replicated to your Wiki.

Bottom line: Wiki space is getting hot. Not sure how big a business this will be. Wiki’s feel like “light” versions of Lotus Notes, and frankly this software can be built by anyone in a short period of time. Commodity business if there ever was one.

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