Digital Music panel… themes: DJ Danger Mouse on Sony’s ACID, P2P search, Apple

From the “Music is a Platform”

” Panel at the Web 2.0 conference.

The panelists:
HankBarry, Partner, Hummer Winblad
MikeCaren, Senior Vice President of A&R, Atlantic Records
EddyCue, Vice President, Applications and Internet Services, Apple
Danger Mouse
MichaelWeiss, CEO, Streamcast

web 20 music panel

web2 djdanger mouse DJ Danger Mouse (right) talked about using sony’s Acid software to make the grey album. I’ll have the Mp3 of this discussion up in a little bit. DJDM talked about using a cracked version of the software and making the Grey Album because he had nothing to loose if he got sued.

Micheal Weiss is pitching a new website called Neonet (can’t find the domain) that he says is a next generation P2P search technology.

Here is part one of the discussion in MP3. Part two is coming up.

… more to come the panel is still going on.

Apple said they had 70% of the legal market. Apple thinks the marketplace wants an a la cart downloads. Hank pointed out that artists get 10-14% of retail (i.e. a la cart) sales, all you can eat licenses mean the labels have to pay the artists half. So, the labels don’t want to do it.

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