AdRants Adverpost is good, but new ad formt is too close for comfort.

Love AdRants, love Steve Hall (class act), however this advertisement in an blog post is too confusing. Steve you should fix it because I didn’t realize this was an ad until after seeing it like three times!

Here is what you should do to make this clear Steve:

1. Put the Ad warning on the top of the post as well.
2. Use a different font for the post.
3. Put the post on a background color like light blue or light green like Google does with ad sense.
4. Indent the post a little (if you do 1-3 you don’t need this I thinK)

Here is a screen shot.. as you can see the disclosure is not clear and if you see five posts in a row you will probably miss the tiny line.

Steve, you’re a great guy and have a great site (heck, we want to work with ya!), however this is not good.

adrants adverpost

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