Gaim 1.0 Review – Save RAM, consolidate your IM clients

Gaim 1.0 is an open source, cross-platform, cross-network instant message client. I just started using it and it is working great for MSN and Yahoo IM, however it is not connecting to AOL for some reason. My guess is AOL is blocking it.

Right now I run three IM programs and together they take up 58meg in memory (Yahoo takes up 22meg+, AIM 17meg+ and MSN about 19meg).

Gaim takes up around 16meg.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but as we all know WINDOWS isn’t so great and handling multiple programs being open at the same time, and every bit of RAM counts. Not to mention the screen real estate having three IM windows open takes up.

So, just like Firefox can make your machine run fast, it *seems* that with GAIM you can take back even more of your machine.

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