50 Blog posts a month rule…

I heard some folks are gossiping about how I “threw down” a rule to all WIN bloggers that they had to do 50 blog posts a month or they would be “kicked out” of the network recently. I figured I would put this story to bed right now on my blog before it becomes gossip-blog material (note: funny how these rumor start, but how easy it is to shut them down with just a blog post).

First off, no one has been kicked out of the network. A couple of people have moved on, but that was there choice and it was always because they had other projects to focus on. One of these folks was my good friend Sean Bonner who did the Apple blog. He is now focusing on MetroBlogging which is like WIN+citysearch. I wish him all the best and I hope we can work together in the future. I think he’s going to hit a total homerun with Metroblogsit’s a great idea.

Now, the 50 posts a month thing is a “soft rule” here at WIN. We started it this month (September). We discussed itlike all thingsas a group and everyone was cool with it. Right now almost every blogger is on track to crush 50 blog posts, some will hit 50, and the ones who might come up a little short are not going to get “kicked out” of the network.

Some blogs do just fine with 30 posts a month, but more posts is usually better for the readers. However, there is a baseline for our blogs and we are learning as a group what that is. We want to have a standard here at WIN for quality and now that we are nine months old, on version 2.0 of the design and making money we want to raise the bar a little. No big deal.

We’re asking bloggers to make a bigger commitment to their blogs because WIN is making a bigger commitment to bloggers. We’re spending more money on design, ad sales, technology, etc.

Heck, we have gotten to the point where we know that any blogger who joins the network will make money every month. Not huge money, but money. That’s a start as far as I’m concerned. If someone is going to post 10 times a month we need to get a second blogger to work with them, and if they are doing just a few posts a month maybe they should just start a blog on a free blog service. Nothing wrong with that we have goals as a business, and those goals might not be the same as every blogger out there.

So, that’s it. No one is being “kicked out,” but we are pushing to grow the business. Anyone who has questions should just email me at jason <at> calacanis <dot> com.

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