Two new blogs/bloggers… VOIP & Javascript

Really exited to annouce that we’ve officially launched our VOIP blog (you know Internet over your Internet connection) today. Also, we have a new blogger taking over our Javascript blog which went dark over the summer when our last blogger got busy. [Side rant: Everyone keeps asking me that question “what do you do if a blogger leaves, or if a blog category doesn’t work?” Funny, we do the same thing as a magazine does: find a new person, or shut it down!]

So, check out the all-new VOIP and Javascript blogs today, and welcome to the team Leonardo and Michael.

If you’ve got ideas for blogs, and you want your blog to start with ten thousand readers in the first week then hit me up at jason <at> calacanis <dot> com and let’s chat. We’re doing B2C and B2B now. so if you love yoga or DOTNET we’ve got a spot for you (heck, we got a spot for you if you love yoga and DOTNET!).

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