Microsoft needs to lighten up (or what up with Word Cut and Paste?!?!)

Like many of you I use WORD to edit blog posts and documents so I can save them as I go. Then I cut and paste them into our WYSIWYG editor over here at Weblogs, Inc. (we’re powered by Blogsmith blogging software more on that in November).

Of course, when you “copy” from WORD it takes all these insane WORD tags with your content. The situation is so bad that Microsoft added a “Paste Special” feature to the Office Suite so you could dump text around without all the tags.

However, it came to me recentlywhy doesn’t MS make two COPY features: one with the tags and one without. This would save us all so much time. Microsoft’s software is getting so fat and bloated that they are loosing their users. I never user IE anymore, I’m loving Firefox. I’m thinking of ditching Outlook Express after eight years for Thunderbird, and if someone can point me to a light Word Processor I’ll be spending 90% of my time in Open Source/NON-MS product.

Come on Microsoft “lighten up” on us.

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