Kryptonite Lock Hacked (or the one two punch of Google and the blogosphere)

Every day I become more and more enamored with the power of blogs. As you may have seen posted a video of how you can open a $100 Kryptonite Lock in about five seconds with a twenty cent Bic Pen. Today Kryptonite sent one of our readers the most lame response to the issueapparently Kryptonite did not read the memo about transparency or how to take criticism. They have failed at taking responsibility for this question and now they will be ridden by the blogosphere. Right now if you do a Google search for Kryptonite Locks the fourth result is the story. I bet it will be the number two or three result in a couple of days.

This tells me two things:

1. Google made a really great decision in giving blogs a heavy weight in their index.

2. Blogs are making the world a better place by putting the search for truth on hyperdrive.

Blogs are pushing the truth to the top with the help of Google’s ubiquity. It’s a one two punch that is making the world better by getting the truth to rise to the top.

Shame on your Kryptonite! Do the right thing and fix the problem and let people trade in their locks for one that actually works.

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