The Blog Sponsor thank you… Good or Evil?

Nick Denton’s blogs do it, and today I noticed that AdRants does it (did they just start?).

Thanking sponsors in the editorial column, is it good or evil? While I like the idea of thanking the sponsors (they are important), it makes me a little nervous when the bloggers are forced to do this as part of their job. Kudos to Nick for at least letting the bloggers do it in a funny way and in their own words, but if you want your blog to be a serious news source this might stop this from happening. Obviously since Nick is running blogs that focus on gossip and porn getting taken seriously as a news source is not a big deal.

I mean, sure Howard Stern and Jay Leno thank their sponsors, but no one looks to a talk show for objective news. In fact, we all know that talk shows are designed so that folks can sell stuff. That’s the deal, Tom Cruise comes on the show and in exchange for us getting to watch him he gets to show a clip.

What do you guys think about this? Harmless, or does it create an appearance of impropriety?

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