Seth Godin on Woot!

My old Silicon Alley pal Seth Godin talks about Woot! on his blog today.

Woot launched on WIN, in fact you can see them in our Ad Slice above (and at least until the end of the year). Having Woot! as a sponsor has a been a great boost for us and I’d like to thank them for their support (oh wait, did I just answer my own question from the previous post?).

UPDATE 9/15: Seth gives an update today… WIN gets a FREE PRIZE!!! I love it I’ve been doing Free PRizes my whole life, but to have the Free Prizester make it official I think I’m gonna cry!

(If you don’t know what a Free Prize is then drop everything you are doing and go buy a copy of this life-changing booktakes two hours to read, but will keep you thinking for months).

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