Amazing day for Weblogs, Inc.

Today we completed our redesign. Every single WIN (The Weblogs, Inc. Network) site now has the new three column design. Also, you can see that we sport three ad slots: one medium rectangle on the top right, a skyscraper in column two and a second medium rectangle between posts two and three which contains the highly-targeted Google Adwords. Oh yeah, we have the AdSlice at the top of the page (currently sold to until January 1st 2005!). So, you’ll see 2-4 ads depending on what we’ve sold. If you page down two or three times the ads take up about 20% of the screen real estatemuch less than most blogs.

So, special thanks to Brian and his team for staying up all night, and thanks to our bloggers for sticking with us as we got to version 2.0, and thanks to our advertisers for helping us pay the bills!

Last month every blogger in the WIN network took home a check, in the 4th quarter I’m hoping everyone can take home an even bigger check, and in 2005 I’d like to see some of our bloggersthe ones who want tobe able to make a living from their blog(s). Maybe I’m crazy, but I think we can do it.

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