Firefox to become the top browser?!

Like may people I hate IE. For about five years I used Opera for 80% of my surfing, and like many I gave started using Firefox this year.

I’m doing some log file reports for Engadget.comwhich is as tech savvy an audience as you could haveand it turns out that only 57% of our audience uses a MS browswer and Firefox is now atholy cow18%!

If our audience is the vanguard, I’m wondering if these stats are going to become the norm in another year or two. Is it possible that Microsoft being slammed for killing Netscape was in some way unfair? I mean, if Firefox can come out of no where an in a year start taking 10-20% that says something about the free market of the Internet.


Engadget brower stats

Internet Explorer 6.x 53%

Firefox 18.16%

Safari 11.25%

Internet Explorer 5.x 4.07%

Mozilla 3.18%

Opera 2.50%

Netscape 7.x 1.42%

Update: Other folks are talking about this too:

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