AdTech 2004 (aka Calacanis v. Denton Round Two!)

I’m speaking at AdTech on Monday November 8th in New York City.

Looks like a great panel who knows it could be Calacanis v. Denton round two! 🙂

The New Web: Blogs, WIKIs and S-Nets
VCs are pouring money into “social networks” like LinkedIn, Tribe and Friendster. Grass-roots organizing sites Meet-up and MoveOn turbo-charged political campaigns. Everyone is blogging. Buzz marketing intersects community building. WIKIs are the next wave. What’s going on? A people-powered movement is sweeping the Net. Young males disappear from TV audiences and pop up in Internet communities. It’s a web that only a careful combination of science & art can conquer, where demographics are obsolete, and the message is never static. This panel will highlight ways marketers can leverage this phenomenon while not getting tripped up in bad netiquette.

MODERATOR: Richard Landry, Chairman, Independent Pulisher’s Association PANELISTS: Rick Bruner, President, Executive Summary Consulting, Jason McCabe Calacanis, Weblogs, Inc, Nick Denton, President, Gawker Media, and Mike Nazzaro, President, Intelliseek.

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