Blogvertise, for desperate and stupid publishers.

Another day another idiot trying to corrupt editorial ugh, when is this going to end!?!

Today I found which I’ll add to my list of idiotic and evil advertising companies along with Vibrant Media and

UPDATE: Founder of Blogvertise says it ain’t so in the comments and I respond (click comments below).

Forbes, if you’re listening please kick out Vibrant Media and send a signal to these slime buckets that content is not for sale. Take a stand for something really, it’s not all about maximizing revenue.

If you’re a publisher stand up for yourself, have some ethics and tell these people to go to hell when they email you. That is what I do. Tell them to get a new career because the one they got ain’t working.

Publishing is not easy, but that doesn’t mean you should sell out. Build an audience and stay strong when these charlatans coming knocking at your door, because right behind them are the good guys who will pay you clearly labeled ads. All you have to do is wait a couple of extra weeks or months and you won’t have to whore yourself.

If you participate in these scams you’ll never build a real content brand, and if you have a real content brand like Forbes does you’ll certainly tarnish it.

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