WIRED News jumps on Vibrant Media two weeks later… no credit, of course.

A couple of weeks after a group of bloggers took down Vibrant Media WIRED News has picked up the story.

Of course, they don’t mention Rafat, Om, the Media Drop or this bloginteresting how all the complaints about cribbing stories without credit goes back to WIRED News hmmmmmmmmm.

UPDATED Thought 1:11AM, Tuesday: After thinking about this post, and talking with some friends, I realized is it possible that WIRED had not read Rafat, Om, the Media Drop orgasp!my blog? I know, that is crazy to think that a WIRED writer didn’t have the four of us on the top of their RSS feeds, or that this WIRED writer didn’t do a Google Search for Vibrant Media and see all these blog posts and think “wow, great post! I gotta get a quote from Rafat!” It is possible, and since the WIRED did have meetings with Vibrant Mediaand thankfully turned them downperhaps this is all just a coincidence?!? Maybe us bloggers are so full of ourselves that we think that any time we don’t get a credit it is because we are snubbed, not that our opinions don’t matter and that WIRED doesn’t read us. Or, maybejust maybethis writer is out of touch and doesn’t even know who we are! Perhaps the writer of said story wants to comment?

WIRED doesof courseget quotes from everyone but the bloggers who obviously inspired the backlash. Imagine if WIRED News did link back to the blogosphere? It would quickly become clear that 50%+ of their stories are sourced from blogs without credit.

Now, I’ve gotten my share of press from WIRED News, and I hope this doesn’t burn any bridges over there (not that I need the press, at this point I’m over exposed I think), but come on guys. Would it really kill you to point out some blogs?!? You’re really giving WIRED Magazine a bad name by screwing over all the little bloggers out there. (Note to world: Wired News is not associated with WIRED Magazine in any way Conde Nast has yet to pay the ransom to buy back their own domain name from Lycos).

Don’t you guys realize that ten years ago you were the little guys on the block?

I wonder if any of the staff of WIRED News would even comment below?

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