Doug Stevenson, CEO of Vibrant Media, where are you?

So, it’s two weeks later and Vibrant Mediawho aparently missed the meeting about transparencyhas not responded to the concerns publishers have over their evil business model. Their plan? To turn the words you’re reading right now into advertisements.If you can believe it, someone at Forbes is asleep at the wheel and decided totry this technology out.I wonder if Forbes is editing stories to add acouple of more high-value keywords? Perhaps assigning some more stories about viagra and mortgages? Hmmmmm.

What is most amazing is that this company could get slammed to this point (go check a Google search for Vibrant Media) and not even post a comment on any of these blog threads!

Doug, are you on some sort of vacation?! We’re calling you outdefend yourself!

Maybe I’m being to harsh. If I was them I would havehard time respondingespecially in the transparentbusiness world we now operate in.Simply put, what they are doing is impossible to defend except when writing one-sided, buzzword-filed marketing. I’ll debate them anytime, anywhere on the merits of their business model, but they won’t even post a response! That says something.

Don’t worry, Vibrant will come around when publishers stop signing up. I sure new clients are searching for background on them in Google, and after finding these threads realizing that this application of technology crosses a line we don’t need to cross.

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