What should bloggers do when they don’t get credited?

UPDATE: Take a related survey on this issue.

Rafat Ali, who used to work with me at Silicon Alley Reporter/VentureReporter.net, recently sent a note out to a bunch of bloggers lamenting how he never gets credit from Alan Meckler’s company Jupiter Media (fka, Internet.com).

Ironic since I know Alan Meckler is very fond of Rafat’s workhe even has Rafat on his blogroll!

Here is what I wrote back to Rafat:


1. It sucks, I know. In the first issue of Silicon Alley Reporter we broke the story of Lara Stein buying up content for MSN in New York. The NYT cribbed the story two weeks later I was bumbedjust like you are. Then all the smart people said “hey, the NYT is cribbed your story I’m going to read your stuff so I can get ahead of the curve!”

2. You’re making people nervousthat’s great. If Internet.com or ClickZ won’t link to you it is because they feel threatened, which by extension means you are doing a great job! Every time they screw you a) call them out on it and b) take pride in the fact youall one your ownis upstaging a publicly traded company with hundreds of reporters.

Now, I personally call the editors of magazines when they don’t credit our blogs. This happened with [WEBSITE NAME REMOVED] and Engadget.com and I told them straight up that if they didn’t give us credit I would call them out on my blog. They gave us credit in 15 minutes and apologized.

I used to run a house ad in Silicon Alley Reporter where I would show the date we covered a story (say a funding) and the date the New York Times would run the story (like 5-20 days later) and say “Where do you get your news?”

It worked like a charm people knew we broke the news in the Alley.

You should make lemonade from lemons send a note to your audience with ten examples of this and say something simple like “I wonder why they are afraid of crediting us?”

You’re an amazing journalist and you’re at the top of your game. As Kris Kristofferson said to Sinead O’Connor at Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary concert at Madison Square Gardenwhen she was getting booed off the stage for taking a stand against the church and their policies “Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

Keep doing what you’re doing it’s working.

This is the natural evolution of things. When email newsletters and webpages started breaking stories print sources didn’t give credit. Now blogs are breaking stories and those same websites are not giving creditironic but predictable.

Users are smart, and they quickly learn where the news starts. Take pride in the fact that the big boys are not recognizing youit’s a badge of honor.

Om and John are talking about this as well.

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