Vibrant Media gets taken apart by The Media Drop and Rafat Ali over at today

The Media Drop has an excellent followup to my comments on Vibrant media today that I highly recommend reading.

The highlight for me was the Drop’s two suggestions first:

Feel strongly about IntelliTXT stepping over a boundary? Contact site owners that are running the technology, like Forbes, here. Be polite – tell them that you feel this advertising medium hurts the value of their news reporting.

… and second they give detailed instructions on how to block Vibrant’s abusive technology.

Oh yeah, Rafat Ali has objected to Vibrant in the past and he is taking them to task again today.

I highly recommend bloggers tell Vibrant to go home when they come knocking do not given in to the Dark Side.

Note: I find it sad that Vibrant Media has yet to comment on any of this perhaps is it because they don’t have a leg to stand on? I will publicly debate them any time, any where on this issue.

I’ll list some other publishers using Vibrant Media’s technology for you to appeal toin a polite way:

The Auto Channel
IGN.COM: email: and

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