Fark.com sells their editorial, and the loyalty of their users.

So, I’ve been looking to spend some money on advertising our new blogs (www.autoblog.com, www.joystiq.com and www.bloggingbaby.com), so I turned to one of my favorite, high-traffic blogs: Fark.com.

I love Fark, it’s funny and I check it every day. I’m a fan.

After trying to figure out a deal they told me that I could just buy the editorial. The cost? Like $300 to $400 for a story.

I was shocked. all this time I’ve been reading Fark.com it turns out that some percentage of the stories are paid for. Looking back on it I’m now sure the adult links are all paid for, as are the ifilm.com links.

I feel like I can never trust Fark again.

The stupid part about all this is that Fark.com could easily just put “Advertisement” by the stories and their readers would click them 2x as much just to support Fark. It is so dumb.

Say it ain’t so Drew! Clean up Fark, I want to love it really I do.

I’ve been going back and forth with Drew and his sales person Gogi over today and this is their response is even stupider then their behavior:

Jason –

I don’t think that either Drew or I are willing to engage in a discussion regarding the business ethics of our decision.

However, if you look at any news source, they are influenced by PR agencies, wine & dine’s and similar events. Take a look at the Graydon Carter as example #1. I challenge you to find a pure editorial voice in news today.

Also, its not news, its Fark.com. 😉 We run stories that we know are false, run satire, try not to let our personal political views affect the content and often include adult-natured items in the daily roundup. We don’t hold ourselves to the same standards as the NYT, and I would urge you not to either.

Regards, Gogi Gupta

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