Ban Team America, and please back the Constitutional Amendment to Protect Against Parody

I for one support the President’s recent suggestion to protect the country against the dangers of political parody. Films, websites and other assorted media that rallies against everything we stand for as Americans is dangerous and only empower our enemiesthe enemies of truth, justice and the American way.

team americaI’m truly shocked that Trey Parker and Matt Stone would deviate from their normally family-friendly fare and stoop to the level of depravity of parodying the President and Al Queda. The Team America boycott start here!

Our country is built on the back of the fighting men and women of our armed forces, and to force them to suffer the indignities of parody while they risk their lives is truly evil. As such I’d like to expand the President’s ban on parody to include Hogan’s Heroes, certain segments of Saturday Night Life and, of course, Dr. Strangelove. The new version of the Manchurian Candidate should also be consideredat the very least edited.

Now, some of you are going to say “who decides which parodies are ok and which are not?” Come on, we all know what is indecent and what is not when we see it. Let’s not be na? here. The standard doesn’t need to be explained, and it’s clear that there are people smarter then you and I who can determine what we should watch. Please sign your support below in the comments, also if you could add offending material you find that would help us clean up the media space that much quicker.

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