Mena on the MoveAble type license fiasco

mena from sixapart moveable type

Mena discussed the licensing fiasco that went down with Moveable Type a couple of months ago. She discussed the personal attack on her and the VCs, and said she they moved the discussion to the people who wanted to pay, and she solicited feedback as to what people wanted in pay product.

Barak didn’t say much, but the two seemed to be on good terms.

She says the big mistake they made was springing the changes on pricing on their customers. She said the biggest injustice was that they didn’t consult their users, and she joked how they were no longer the underdogs and were not just evil like Microsoft (big laugh). She said they didn’t think the responses would be so nasty, and that they made a decision to leave trackbacks on and just deal with all the flames.

Barak, the new CEO, says that being open as a company is hard and painful, but he thinks it is necessary.

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