Dow Jones Venture Reporter ” rocking!

I just had an amazing experience I visited my old firm’s website,, and saw that they had updated the logo to say Dow Jones Venture Reporter.

Man that made me feel good to think that a brand that I started and built (along with a team of great folks including Brian, Gordon, Jamie, CJ, Ryan, Mikkel, Keith, Tom, Karol, Ken, etc.) was now part of Dow Jones and they were proud enough to put their logo with itman that makes me feel great!

So, if you want venture capital news go buy a gold pass from my brother Jamie who still works there (that makes me feel great too, that many of the origional team are working over there still): jamie.calacanis <at>

dow jones venturereporter

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  1. Long time,no see. Hope everything is O.K.Haven’t seen
    your mom or dad since I moved upstate 3 years ago.I’m
    thinking of maybe putting your name on my web site.

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