Martha Stewart compares herself to Nelson Mandela

This is really offensive:

Martha Stewart on 20/20 tonight: “I’m a really good camper. I can sleep on the ground. There are many, many good people who have gone to prison look at Nelson Mandela.”

Shortly after 9/11 I went to a restaurant opening and sat at a table with a half dozen people including Martha. She was really smart and we we had a nice discussion about magazines, the Internet, and 9/11. She had been stuck in Japan during 9/11 (I think doing a KMart deal or something) and she told me she was really tortured about not being here with her people. She was really upset about 9/11 like all of us were.

Before today I really admired what she accomplished on a business level, and I was a little sad to see her do something as stupid as insider trading. However, at this point I’ve lost the little sympathy and respect I still had for her. Comparing yourself to Nelson Mandela?!? Are you delusional?

I would say that people should demand an apology from her for this, but at this point who really cares what Martha says.

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