Hating the Lakers.

Living in Los Angeles and being a die-hard New York Knicks fan has been hard. While the Knicks struggle to get to the playoffs the Lakers go to the finals year after year.

I hate the Lakers with a passion. Why? Simple, they don’t bring it every night. I like blue collar, hard-working teams like the Knicks used to be and Pistons currently are. I like defense, hard fouls and the never say die underdogs. I grew up on Patrick Ewing’s Knicksthe hardest working team in basketball.

Most of distain for the Lakers is because of Kobe. This guy is so selfish it is unfathomable. Check this out, he is basing his decision to play for the Clippers next year on if they are willing to play a dozen of their games at an arena closer to his house!

Think about the logistical nightmare this creates. Having to run a professional sports team is hard enough, now try doing it two different arenas. Think about the locker rooms, video equipment, and staffnot to mention the season ticket holders! All for what? So one guy can cut his commute down by a half hour?! How about we all just come to your house and watch you playing in your backyard Kobe? Dude, you’ve got a driver what’s the big deal if you’re an hour away from the Staples center? It’s 40-50 games a year and you’re getting paid a couple of hundred thousand dollars per game to make the drive. Heck, buy a penthouse apartment next to the Staples center as a crash pad!

Now Shaq, I like Shaq. He is funny and honest, but he has not worked so hard the last couple of years. I basically think this is because he had to play with selfishKobe. Now that he is with Pat Reilly and Jeff Van Gundy’s brother Stan in Miami he will be unstoppable. Pat and the Van Gundy’s know what they are doing, and they know how to manage a big man (think: Alonzo and Patrickto the greatest centers of all time), and Shaq is out to prove who was the real star on the Lakers.

Today Shaq was traded to Maimi and the Lakers are guaranteed not to win a title for years, if not decades. Fools! My prediction? Kobe without Shaq never wins a ring, and Shaq at the Miami heat wins at least another two.

Now, if only the Knicks could get it together.

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