Can you feel the love? (or How do you value a blog?)

istock loveDavid has a really interesting post on the “value a blog.” He brings up various measures like mentions in the press, traffic and of course the elusive and mysterious Google Pagerank.

Turns out the excellent, the best niche of a niche blog of all time, has a Google Pagerank ofNINE. For comparision EBAY, and have an eight; Gawker, Buzzmachine, Curbed and my blog are all sevens;DailyCandy is a six. The higher your page rank the higher up your pages come up under Google searches. (Check out our Google and SEM blogs for more info on this topic).

Anyway, right now I would estimate that 20-50% of the hype/traffic around blogs is driven by Google decidingfor whatever reasonthat blogs are more important than other websites (which they are). Thanks Google!

For example has a page rank of seven and has a page rank of

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