Go local! Metroblogging.com takes a new approach to local blogs… great new blogs for New York and Chicago!

There are a couple of great local blogs out there Gawker.com and Curbed.com in New York are amazing; Chicagobloggers.com and http://chicago.creativecanvas.com/list dozens of great Chicago blogs; Los Angeles has blogging.laand http://laobserved.com/. The list goes on and on.

Sean Bonner and Jason Defillippo, who I had dinner with on Friday night, are behind the a newsite called www.metroblogging.com which hopes to bring together 20 blogers in every cityin the world! Sean blogs on our Apple Blogand we’ve become friends since I moved to L.A.

Check out there first three cities:

and the original city: http://www.blogging.la/(which will move to a Metblog format soon)

Ambitious sure, but if you shot for the stars and you get the moon that’s not a bad strategy.

Jeff Jarvis came out of the gate with the playa hate, kicking Metroblogging as YAJB (yet another Jason blog).Of course, he goofed and got Jason D. confused with me and got himself fact checked (check yourself kid!).

Also, Jeff neglected to mention in his first post that he had almost the exact same business model a year ago at his day job at Advance.net (see the local blogs here: http://www.nj.com/weblogs/). Hmmm.

Oh yeah, Jeff forgot to mention that he is on the Board of one of Nick Denton’s companies, as such his loyalty is to Denton’s local blogs (as a total aside you ever notice Jeff giving massive praise to Nick’s blogs and dissing everyone else’s?). He even goes on to link to Gawker as an example of great local blogs without mentioning his relationship to Nick.

Maybe I should get on IM and “talk” to Jeff oh wait, I’m not allowed on IM any more! 🙂

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