The Maybe Rule of Trust

Fred Wilson has a great post on trust today. I responded on his blog, but I thought I would post the response here since some of you might not have subscribed to Fred’s excellent blog.

My response:

Trust is huge in the media space, and I think blogs are in response to the lack of trust people now feel with traditional (read: consolidated) media. Can you trust CNBC with news about GE?

Remember the “Maybe rule of trust” Knowing you *might* be able to trust someone is worse than knowing you can’t.

As we launched our latest blogs we found that a couple of readers were highly cynical. They figured we were getting paid to write about cars and baby strollers at the new sites.

I can’t say I blame them. There are a number of blogs out there that are pay for play, and many more still that have over six ads per page.

I think all those ads confuse people (they also make the layout look horrible). We’re trying to have either no ads or amazing ads on our blogs.

I’d rather not have the money from the crummy looking CPC/CPA ads that make blogs look horrible. These ads, when overdone, create the appearance of being in the pocket of the advertisers. You really have to be careful in making money from blogs at make sites I see the ads from that ad blog network that don’t look like ads but rather reviews of booksvery bad for blogging.

This is a 3-5 year marathon this blog business. My primary goal is to create trust in our brands. That is the only way to make a business out of this.

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