It’s a blog! It’s a blog!

jamie and james john calacanisI’ve been blessed with three great kids two boys and a girl. Nicholas, Olivia and just eight weeks ago our latest John James (right). Of course, these kids belong to my two brothers Jamie (right) and Josh, but I consider them my kids as well. 🙂

Today, I’m pleased to announce another addition to the family: It’s a blog by parents, for parents. Every day two mommies go out and read over 300 stories and come back tous with summaries of the 15 or so most important ones. Consider it like having two personal assistants at your beck and call.

I’m hoping that this can become an interactive forum for parents as well. There are tons of questions and a fire hose of information out there. Our goal is to trying to and make sense of it all and serve it up to you a nice clean, ice-cold eight ounce glass with a sipping straw. You know, make it as easy as possible for you to digest this information on a daily basis. We know you don’t have the time to read all 300 stories no one does. However, you can read our 15 posts a day in, well, 15 minutes. You might even want to “drill down” on a particular story.

Congrats to Maggie and Niki (CEO Brian Alvey’s *much* better half) on the launch any other mommies (or daddies) want to help out let me know!

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