gets Yahoo! Picks site of the day.

My friends in New York don’t get Can’t say I blame them, I owned one car my entire life, a 1973 Mustang with 351 and rusted out floor boards. I almost killed myselfin that car, way too much power for a 19 year old, especially when we would drag them on second avenue in Brooklyn. It costs as much to have a decent car in New York as it does to have an apartment each month (think : $500 payment, $500 garage, $500 insurance and $500 in tickets/towing fees).

Anyway, despite the “huh?” from my blogger friends in New York City, the kudos keep coming in for Yesterday Yahoo made us their Pick of the Day (note: they pick one site per day for this it’s sort of a big deal). This after breaking into the top 25 on Daypop, Popdex, etc., and being’s site of the day.

Perhaps I should do a subway blog as Fred suggested. 🙂

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