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Here is the one thing all Americans can agree on: we don’t want people to suffer. This movement, that Jeff forward to me, is truly inspiring: Americans send support directly to individuals in Iraq who through no fault of their own are suffering. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to decide who’s fault it is. However, what is refreshing about Spirit of America is that it is not about placing blame it is about providing help, the same help you might provide to a friend in need or a stranger on the side of the road.

Let’s show the world how good Americans are, and let’s try to fight against those horrible images we’ve been seeing in the media (as best as we can).

From Spirit of America: Working closely with the United States Marines, the Spirit of America finds real needs of real people and fills them; quickly, efficiently, and without bureaucratic log jams. By matching money and material directly to specific programs, the Spirit of America has proven itself to be the leader in direct action that makes a difference on the ground and in peoples’ lives in Iraq. Right now. Today.

Please consider putting this banner on your blog/site, ad please consider sending the a donation (I just send them a PayPal :-).

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