Howard Stern Bit Torrents and Bryant Park

bryant park 2

I’m in Bryant Park for the second day today.

For the past two years I have always said that the next company I did after Silicon Alley Reporter/Venture Reporter would be virtual. Man, I never wanted to have to write a $40,000 rent check every month ever again.

The working in Bryant Park experiment is now in day two and despite the chill in the air I’ve solved some major issues. The two biggest issues are the homeless people asking for money and the noise created by trucks and sirens.

howard sternIn a stoke of genius I’ve solved both: noise cancellations head phones and downloading the Howard Stern show off of Bit Torrent sans commercials.

Now, the homeless people don’t bother asking me for money because I’ve got huge silly headphones on and the noise from the street is 100% gone thanks to Howard and these $99 Brookstone headphones.

It is very strange to look up from the laptop and not hear any noise coming from the hundreds of people and of cars streaming all around me.

If you’re looking for Howard Stern Bit Torrents I do a google search or check out

The other side effect of the Bryant Park schedule is that now people are IMing me setting up meetingat the park.

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