Wonkette gone wild…


Anna MarieCox scored a huge scoop last week when she got the jump on the DC sex blogger “Washingtonienne.” (here is the archive). She went on to take the story to an unprecedented level when she posted the photo of her during a night on the town with the now famous Tonienne.

Cox: “We didn’t get home until 1AM. The evening began at the Four Seasons and ended in a suburban Virginia farmhouse. We did not, in the end, have to buy any of our own drinks. Pictures were taken. A cell phone was lost. This morning, Mr. Wonkette made us scrambled eggs. Now, can we move on?”

Wow like, uhhh wow.

That is what I call dedication! AMC, hit me on the AIM (jasoncalacanis) and let’s do lunchI’ll jump on the shuttle.

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