Elizabeth Spiers where are you!?!?!?

spiers smallI used to love reading Gawker every day.

I was a such a huge fan of Spiers made me laugh three times a dayat least.

So, I made the switch over to the Kicker, but Spiers blogs so infrequently it’s depressing (last post April 28thlike 15 days ago).

Today I was catching upon all the Graydon Carter “scandal” (if you can call it that, I mean he’s connected and he likes to make movies is that so wrong?! I don’t remember him hiding his involvement in The Kid Stays in the Picture do you?!), and I longed for the days of Spiers obsessing over Graydon’s every move.

Spiers retiring from blogging makes me feel like the times when Jordan retired from the NBA. 🙁

Hey kid, can you just give us a couple of riffs onGraydon for old time’s sake?!

PS – The door is always open if you ever want to get back on the court. Same deal, you own half the brand and I’ll make sure you can pay the rent. You’re too damn talented to not be in this game.

PS2 – I was going to compare you to the Man of Steel giving up all his powers in Superman 2. The world needs you!

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