E3 2004: Sony debut PSP handheld, Nintendo DS out as well.

PSP pic PlayStation Portable

Ferrago.com is reporting from E3 and has some news on the Sony Platstation Portable Unit, including a bunch of photos.

David Smith at 1UP has coverage of Sony’s E3 press conference as well.

1UP reports that they spotted games in a video Sony played “like Death Jr., Hot Shots Golf, Frogger, an unidentified beachball game, a Tales game from Namco, Ape Escape, Armored Core, Syphon Filter, Spider-Man, MediEvil, Dynasty Warriors, Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, Tony Hawk, Darkstalkers, Wild Arms, and Metal Gear Solid.”

Nintendo DS

Nintendo has released information on their portable gaming platform, the Nintendo DS (below). Again, Ferrago has detailsand photos. UP1.COM has a list of games for the DS.

Gamespot has a hands on review of the DS.

Our own Peter Rojas has some thoughts on the PSP.

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