Weblogs, Inc. in the Mercury News Today

WIN (The Weblogs, Inc. Network) gets a big plug in the Mercury News today.Gillmor also talks with MarkCuban about why he started a blog:

Mark Cuban got mega-rich during the Internet bubble with the 1999 sale of Broadcast.com to Yahoo. He’s into high-definition television and other investments these days, but is best known as owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise. His “Blog Maverick” site (www.blogmaverick.com) is a classic in the genre: irreverent and informative.

Why is he doing this? “I was tired of reading incomplete information or misinformation about what I was doing in the sports media,” he says. “This was one way to get the facts out.”

Blogs as business tools are only one aspect of the medium’s growth. Blogs are becoming businesses in their own right.

In New York City, two entrepreneurs are waging a mini-war to become the best-known operators of niche blogs sites catering to relatively small but passionately interested audiences. Nick Denton’s Gawker Media (www.gawker.com) runs several popular, advertising-supported blogs including Gizmodo (www.gizmodo.com), which is devoted to gadgets, and Wonkette (www.wonkette.com), which gossips about powerful people in Washington, D.C.

Jason Calacanis, meanwhile, created Weblogs Inc. (www.weblogsinc.com) and is competing with Denton. Calacanis lured the original author of Gizmodo to launch his own gadget site, Engadget (www.engadget.com). Weblogs Inc. hosts about two dozen sites now, including Cuban’s.

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