Blogging in People Magazine

I think this is a first: Quoting a blog in People magazine. Blogging is clearly going mainstream!

People: Jackson confirmed he is weighing offers from the Dallas Mavericks’ billionaire owner, Mark Cuban, as well as from the KFC fast-food chain, which dished up an offer for the runner-up to roll out a new chicken line

…. On the subject of hissy fits, Cuban appears to be ticked off at The Donald for calling Cuban’s proposed reality show, “The Benefactor,” an “Apprentice” copycat. (On his show, Cuban promises to give away $1 million of his own money.)

Writing in his personal Web log, Cuban states in an open letter to Trump: “‘The Benefactor’ is going to be nothing like The Apprentice.’ Why? Because, Donald, we are not alike in any way. The funny thing is, in some respects, I have you to thank for that.”

After describing his 1999 intro to The Donald, Cuban continues: “After leaving your office, I promised myself that if I ever got liquid and had an obscene amount of money in the bank, I would make a point not to remind myself and everyone else around me of it every minute of every day unlike you.”

Giving away $1 million on national TV sure seems like a good way of keeping it quiet.

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