My Shuttle PC gets a plug in Wired News (thanks for doing a great job!)

Ahhhh. what a nice feeling! I just ordered one of these Shuttle PCs after talking to some hard-core gamers and look what I found on the WIRED site:

What also has PC industry talking is a small Taiwanese PC components manufacturer, Shuttle Computer Group, which spent nearly two decades working behind the scenes supplying the technology guts of brandname computer makers like Dell and IBM.

This month, Shuttle will, for the first time, sell complete, breadbox-sized PC systems in a dazzling array of colors and metallic veneers. Their performance, analysts say, promises to make some of the big box rig manufacturers take notice.

“You really don’t need anything big, unless it’s for your comfort,” Albert Chang, marketing manager for Shuttle said. “You don’t need a big computer to feel comfortable.”

I love being ahead of the curve if only by a couple of days. 🙂

shuttle PC

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