Does Jason hate Boing Boing?!?

So, I’ve gotten a number of comments about comments in this ClickZ story about that came out a couple days.

Comments like “I thought you were friends with Xeni, Cory, Pesco and Battelle?!” or “why do you hate them?!”


I gave a 30 minute interview, and I’m not saying that I was misquoted in the story, but I certainly either didn’t present my views clearly enough of the two or three quotes give the wrong impression.

Here are my quotes as well as the comments around my quotes:

  1. “John Battelle doesn’t get out of bed in the morning to do charity work. It’s all PR,” challenges always-brash Jason Calacanis, the Silicon Alley Reporter founder who now runs Weblogs Inc. (and is Jardin’s ex-boss). “This is a timed release so people don’t get scared.” Calacanis insists a Boing Boing media empire is in the works, with Battelle as CEO.

  2. Calacanis agrees about the cost part but says Boing Boing’s, and Battelle’s, statements about their motives are disingenuous. “We basically offered about a month ago to host Boing Boing for free. They didn’t want to do it with me, for whatever reason,” he told me.
    In terms of point one:

I don’t know that at empire is in theworks, I’m totally speculating, and in some ways hoping, that Battelle gets back in the game and grows BB to new heights. Nothing would please me more then to see Cory, Mark, Xeni and Pesco get paid and spend even more time doing what they are doing. Nothing would please me more then to read a BB magazine, attend a BB conference or watch a BB TV showall of which I think would be amazing.

In terms of the comments about the timed release I think that is true. BB is doing an excellent job of not just slapping up ads or popups to the users without talking to them first. That is what I mean by timed release and “all PR.” This is GOOD PR by SMART people. BB has a very smart audience and bringing them in on the discussion is good business. Very similar to how Craig runs Craigs list: with the input of the community.

In terms of the second quote I think my point is that this is not just about the hosting costs and I know Xeni and my friends of at BB would agree. The principles can afford the hosting at $500 to $1,000 a month, and they could certainly get free hosting from someone like me, WIRED or even Rackspace who would love to get in front of that target audience.

It is also true that I offered Cory to host BB and that offer is still out there.

I love the site and I love the people. Xeni and I worked together for years building Silicon Alley Reporter, Pesco and I have known each other since Rushkoff introduced us back in 96 or 97, Cory and I have spent a bunch of time together at the last three conferences we attended and Battelle and I have been brothers in arms as publishers for years.

Just wanted to clear the air about this: I love and respect BB, love and respect the folks involved and I’m really sorry if my words came out wrong or weren’t presented as I would have wanted them to be.

Much love.

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