TIME on Video Blogging (or I think I want to startup my Pseudo show again :-)

Not sure how I feel about video blogging. I remember Jeremy learned some lessons from it last year. I loved doing my radio/video show over the Internet at Pseudo back in 1997. It workedreally well, we would have hundreds of people tuning in live and thousands of people tuning into the archive file.

I’ve been wanting to startup my Internet radio show again, but I can’t a studio. Anyone know a an Internet studio in Los Angeles?

Video blogs don’t require sophisticated equipment, just a PC or a Mac, a high-speed connection and a digital video camera as well as a hosted weblogging service like TypePad and, if you want, editing software such as Final Cut Pro or iMovie (the latter is free with most Apple computers). For really spiffy professional results, it makes sense to invest in tools like Serious Magic’s Visual Communicator, a TelePrompTer-graphics-backdrop package that provides network-news style production values for $199.

While millions of text-driven blogs have blossomed worldwide, there are only a couple hundred video blogs out there. To sample some, check out Japanese slacker vlog avoidinglife.com, music-video blog sxsw.com/music or the Drudge Report like compendium of diary vlogs vidblogs.com. Hollywood celebrities are also plunging in: Adam Sandler’s personal site offers regular video messages from the comic.

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