Sean Parker out at Plaxo?

According to an inside source I spoke to recently Sean Parker is being driven out of the company he founded, Plaxo.

Plaxo is an exceptionally effective, annoying and controversial social software tool that allows people to share updated contact info. So, I can update my contact info at Plaxo and my friends who are part of Plaxo will get it. It works really wellperhaps too well.

So many people are using the software that people with big networks get hammered by Plaxo with update requests. This forces them to join or to delete hundreds of messages a year. Not fun.

Also, Plaxo is clearly not a stand-alone businessit is s a feature of something bigger like AOL, Yahoo or Microsoft’s MSN/Hotmail service. As such, people are very nervous about privacy and spam in relation to Plaxo.

Those issues are perhaps the reason Parker is being driven out.

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