The Sopranos available on Bittorrent four hours before it comes on TV in LA”how could I not?!

Tony SopranoI downloaded the Sopranos off of Bittorrent last night four hours before it came on TV in LA. I pay HBO for their service, so I think this is OK (my cable isn’t installed in my new place yet).

Then I see on one of my mailing lists that someone else did the same thing and wrote this letter to HBO:

Dear HBO,

I am an avid fan of the Sopranos and Sex and The City based in the UK. (I have all the Sopranos on DVD.)

Because we have such a delay in receiving HBO programming in the UK, I have downloaded episode 53 of the Sopranos from the internet as well as s6 ep 20 of SATC. The quality was excellent on my 37 inch plasma screen.

I will of course buy the Sopranos box set for series 5 when you release it.

But in the meanwhile I wanted to make good your investment in making such great programming. I proposed $5 for each episode, a $10 total. Can you please let me know where I should make payment. I can do so via PayPal or VISA or I could send you US dollars in the post.

Thanks very much <<NAME REMOVED>>

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