Choire is *not* joining Weblogs, Inc ” to the best of my knowledge :-)

As you read last week in Gawker Choire is *not* leaving Denton for Calacanis. Nope, not at all we’re not talking, we’re not plotting, we’re not registering domain names and we’re certainlynot approving look and feelnone of that.

(C: Does that sound convincing enough? Do you think Nick suspects us?! Be sure to delete your call log in you cell phone when you go to bed at night.. Nick might check it! xoxox J).

From Gawker last week: Perhaps you’ve noticed that things have been a little bit draggy here at Gawker this week. (By my calculations, there’s been a noticeable 35% decrease in general bile-spewing.) Have I been working on an exciting new project for you? Not at all! Getting ready to jump Nick Denton’s tacky Gawker Media publishing empire for Jason Calacaniss? Certainly not! (Better the devil you know) Or having drastic cosmetic surgery as part of a horrifying reality show? No, that’s slated for next month. (I’m gonna be the swan! I’ll cut those other bitches up!)

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