John Battelle to launch cable channel, books imprint and print magazine?

battelle on newshourWell, I don’t know if John Battelle (right)will make that mistake again after WIRED, but it seems has a scored a coup of sorts in terms of landing John Battelle as a temporary CEO (of sorts). Battelle is going to evaluate opportunities for the brand (my guess: get an investor, hire a sales team, write a business plan, etc).

Battelle is also working on a hacker magazine with O’Reilly and the founder of Battelle has been doing the conference circuit (PC Forum, eTech, etc)expect a big announcement shortly I’m sure.

Congrats to Team, one piece of advice: just don’t expand too quickly. As John will tell you that killed WIRED and forced a fire sale, and it also killed the Industry Standard.

Battelle’s a super smart guyand the third time is typically the charm. I’m sure he will figure out a way to make a business.

Good luck to you all!

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