Google free email (aka GMAIL) privacy concerns

gmailAccording to this silly article a lot of folks are starting to get concerned about Google New free email service because it contains targeted ads.

These people are clearly misinformed about the service being proposed (I have not seen it of course):

  1. The advertising in Google Email (GMAIL) will be targeted to you by a *computer* not a human.

  2. Google would get in serious privacy trouble and their soon-to-be public stock would crash like a ton of bricks if they invaded people’s privacy in any way.

  3. You don’t have to sign up for free Google emailit is optional! If you don’t want targeted ads get Hotmail or Yahoo mail, or pay AOL for an email account.

So, can we nip these unfounded “Google’s GMAIL invades people’s privacy” stories in the bud please? I know they sell papers, but they are really stupid.

Google is offering the best value proposition since Urban Fetch (a Kozmo competitor) gave away pints of ice cream for half pricedelivered to your door!

I for one am totally psyched to get one gig of free email space. Dang, I’m paying like $30 a year for 25 megs of space at Yahoo!

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