John Battelle’s new project? (How did I miss this?)

battelle on newshourGot to spend some time with John Battelle at PC Forum and it was clear that he is gearing up for his next act (after two great runs at WIRED and The Industry Standard). Then I just found this post from Mark Frauenfelder, the founder of bOINGbOING, who is guest blogging at The Industry Standard’s blog:

It feels strange to be writing for the Industry Standard again. In one way, I feel like I’m writing for a pod version of the original, but I guess it would feel even stranger if I were writing for a reanimated Standard with all the former machinery in place.Interestingly, around the same time I heard from Matt McAlister inviting me to be a guest blogger here, I got a call from The Standard’s founder, John Battelle, inviting me to edit a magazine prototype for O’Reilly Books, called Make.John hired me to work at Wired in 1993. At the time, I was publishing bOING bOING magazine in Los Angeles with my wife Carla, and doing graphic design, mainly for Billy Idol. I had interviewed with Wired about a year before. They were considering me as the managing editor. But John got the job. I was happy to take the position of associate editor when they contacted me again.I left Wired to go freelance a little while after John left to start The Standard, and I began writing for the magazine pretty early on. Those years I spent on contract with The Standard were wonderful. The editorial staff was the best I’ve ever worked with. Smart, funny, helpful. And the magazine paid promptly. What a pleasure!It’s good to be working with John again, and it’s good to be writing for The Standard again, too. [Insert nostalgic smiley here.]

Notice the Kottke link in there that takes you to Greg Lindsey’s take on the project in WWD:

Greg Lindsey: Even O’Reilly, the favorite book publisher of geeks everywhere, is thinking of jumping into the DIY pool. It’s exploring the idea of a publication called Make that would be the anti-Cargo the latter tells its readers which DVD player to buy, while the proposed one would tell its own how to rip that DVD player open and hack it. As uncommercial as it sounds, the project has attracted help from some big names in tech publishing circles: former Industry Standard chief executive officer John Battelle and former Boing Boing editor Mark Frauenfelder.

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