China banning blogs?

According to this post to a discussion group I’m on China is starting to block blogs:

Dear all, Since last night domain names with a typepad’ domain name are blocked on the internet in China; for blogspot’ domains that is already the case since the beginning of last year. According to my assessment (I posted the suggestion on my weblog) the RSS reader would be a good system to avoid this kind of direct blocks of url’s. That in itself seems a good argument in explaining users in China the advantages of an RSS reader. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Of course, RSS aggregators have not been effectedas mentioned in this followup post:

Thanks all, I’m currently using bloglines and that is a rather easy way to go around the block. Using RSS-feeds are not often used in Asia in general, so this current block against type domain is at least a way to promote the usage of RSS. Mostly China blocks url’s directly, and that system is rather easy to circumvent. They have a much more sophisticated system, installed in 2002 and checking incoming traffic for key word. When that system gets up (and it did go up earlier in the month) it changes the whole internet into a mess and turns in that way against itself. A very good way to proof that technical methods for censoring do not seem to work very effectively.

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