Journalists turn to bloggers for free research (or WSJ about to do story on RSS going mainstream)

I love the fact that now bloggers are like months ahead of traditional journalistsin a sense bloggers are doing research for traditional journalists. Below Marcus from the WSJ, who wrote a recent story on blog making money, sends an email to the RSS-USER mailing list:

> Hi,
> I am a WSJ-journalist working on a story about RSS-feeds. I wonder if
> any of you have run into an example on RSS going mainstream, that is
> not only used by tech geeks. Any of you seen feeds about gardening,
> personal health a.s.o? Please let me know.
> Thanks,

Of course, the bottom line is that some people are starting to go direct to the readerscutting out the middleman (aka the journalist).

I’m not saying traditional media is going anywhere, but people are savvy enough that they will find the source of all these stories that are pulled from the blogosphere.

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