Why do really smart people hate Plaxo so much? (or Tim Koogle tells us how Plaxo will make money).

I asked Tim Kooglewhile here at PC Forumwhy people hate Plaxo. I told him how a dozen people from the conference had told me they would never use Plaxo because of fears of how they would use the data (i.e. spam, marketing, etc.) He said that it was an old myth that people have venom for Plaxo. Then I gave him the punch linethat I had gotten these emails in the last couple of weeks. I added that the reason people are concerned is because they have not revealed their business model.

Esther explained to Tim that he should make Plaxo’s mission and the size of company clearer to the customers so that they would feel more comfortable with it.

When I asked Tim what the business model was there was a long pause before he said it was either going to be a consumer pays, or an enterprise pays. I get the sense he didn’t want to tip his cards. He said the pay trials would start shortly (as in any day now.)

John Patrick, one of the most respected guys at the conference, challenged Koogle to explain why we should trust Plaxo, or the FUTURE OWNER of Plaxo.

Esther pointed out you don’t have to use Plaxo.

I caught up with Koogle over lunch and we had a nice talk, and I’m sure he wouldn’t associate himself with anything nefarious. In fact, I love and use Plaxo everydayit is a brilliant piece of software. However, I told Tim that I think that the product is so slick, so well-designed and so pretty that it scares people and that it would have been better if they made it Craigslist style (that is, less slick.)

Update: People hissed when Plaxo was mentioned during Tim’s introduction.

Update Two: In an audience poll of how many people have erased Plaxo requests almost everyone raised their hand. When ask if they had deleted more then 10 almost everyone kept their hands up. Not a shock,and it is certainly not spambut it sure feels like it to people. If it walks like a duck isit a duck?

One thought on “Why do really smart people hate Plaxo so much? (or Tim Koogle tells us how Plaxo will make money).

  1. I have been using Plaxo for a few years, and it has saved me many hours of frustration whenever I have been forced to re-install Windows/Outlook and I have lost my Outlook address book. It is reassuring to me to know that I have a friendly “backup” service for my address book.

    Yes, some of my “geek” friends don’t trust Plaxo’s invitations (sent out by me). But the majority of my friends do send me a response using Plaxo’s services. Recently I was forced to change my comcast email alias, and Plaxo made it easy to send out an update to my friends.

    Not all of my contacts are Plaxo subscribers, and I like the features that allow “non-subscribers” to update my address book. Overall, I feel Plaxo is useful and convenient. I recommend it to my friends.

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